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Our History

Company History

Small Buiness

Started as a Small Company

In 2019, 3 people named Shilpi Pandey, Santosh Singh and Amrita Singh founded a company in order to use their expertise and experience to provide companies with support in building their overall efficiency. Starting as a company with a few employees, we always try our best to give the best and most practical solutions to companies. We hired expert individuals and created a strong and professional team that uses its out-of-the-box thinking and expertise and experience in IT to engage itself in the client’s requests and provide them with dazzling results. Gradually, we started growing, hiring more employees and consulting more and more clients and becoming one of the fastest-growing BPO service providers in India. 


Became a Well-known and Reputed Company

Over the 3+ years of our journey, we have grown manifolds and established ourselves as one of the fastest growing BPO service providers in India with more than 10+ clients and more than 750 people as personnel. Our company has also grown a lot in countries other than India. We now have more than 2000 employees, 2 million+ monthly transactions and have served 5 million+ customers. We were honoured to serve companies like Oyo, Amazon, Nagar Software Solution, Advance Auto Parts, PayPal and many others. We always prioritized customer satisfaction over anything else. We worked hard towards our interaction with the customers to build good relations with customers, have a strong and loyal customer base and enhance our reputation all over the world. 

Reputed Company
Branches All Over the World

Branches All Over the World

We have grown manifolds not only in Ranchi, but also in many other states and countries. We opened branches in Dubai, Virginia, Atlanta, Noida, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Deoghar. We have, thus, extended our company over the USA, Middle East and Asia. We started from scratch and brought ourselves to the top with our hard work, skills, professionalism and excellent interactions with customers. We have opened 10 active sites which have produced employment opportunities for thousands of people over the world. We continue to serve companies with our excellent services and help them upgrade their overall goals and efficiency while they focus on building their core.