Grievance Policy

Our Grievance Policy ensures a fair and confidential process for resolving employee concerns promptly and effectively.

Ayuda Solutions Private Limited aims to resolve problems and grievances promptly and as close to the source as possible with graduated steps for further discussions and resolution at higher levels of authority as necessary.

Statement of General Principles

  • Complaints must be fully described by the person with the grievance.
  • The person(s) should be given the full details of the allegation(s) against them.
  • The person(s) against whom the grievance/complaint is made should have the opportunity and be given a reasonable time to put their side of the story before resolution is attempted.
  • Proceedings should be conducted honestly, fairly and without bias.
  • Proceedings should not be unduly delayed.


The following is a four level process:

Level 1: The Employee attempts to resolve the complaint as close to the source as possible. This level is quite informal and verbal.

In this level Employee can directly raise Grievance to his immediately Supervisor.

Level 2: If the matter is not resolved, the Employee notifies the Supervisor/HR- as to the substance of the grievance and states the remedy sought. Discussion should be held between employee and any other relevant party. This level will usually be informal, but either party may request written statements and agreements. This level should not exceed one week.

  1. Aarti Pandey
  2. Nidhi Gupta
  3. Birendra kumar choudhary

Level 3: If the matter is not resolved, the Supervisor must refer the matter to the grievance desk A grievance taken to this level must be in writing from the employee. The Supervisor will forward to the Manager any additional information thought relevant. The Manager will provide a written response to the Employee. The Manager also communicates with any other parties involved or deemed relevant. This level should not exceed one week following the next scheduled meeting.

  1. Bijesh Kumar Mishra [E:]
  2. Birendra Kumar Choudhary [E:]
  3. Sanjeev Verma [E:]

Level 4: If the matter is not resolved, the Employee will be advised of his / her rights to pursue the matter with the board of directors if they so wish.

  1. Shilpi Pandey